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September 1, 2009
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Camera Data

Shutter Speed
100/7999 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 19, 2009, 3:58:03 PM
Cloudy Above Trinidad by FramedByNature Cloudy Above Trinidad by FramedByNature
Canon Digital Rebel XSi
18-55mm kit lens
3 shot HDR (-2, 0, +2)

Probably the best "landscape" shot I got while in Trinidad, Colorado. Mom and I walked up to the top of Simson's Rest (the 400 ft. cliff) and I snapped some photos looking over the town. The skies soon clouded up, and we headed back down when it began to sprinkle :phew:

Please tell me what you think! :dance:
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DenChetto Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome scene :) Well done
baba49 Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hate this town. Sure it is pretty sometimes and I love the image, but the town and people who live in it. Oh man, I am glad I do not live there, have some stories
FramedByNature Jan 16, 2011  Student Photographer
Glad you like the image. What bad experiences have you had? :o
To sum it all up, that town is the virtual ghetto of the state of Colorado. Absolutely anything that is considered ghetto is in that town. The people who live there are terrible. Sure I will admit it is a nice place to visit, but so long the visit is not that long. Since the location is somewhat remote, you have young kids who want to be in gangs who will do absolutely anything to gain their attention. You get a lot of pointless killings because of that and how people want to simply act tough, so they go out and shoot or stab someone. Not to mention the devil worshipers in that town, there are some stories there that stand out in my mind. If you talk to the majority of locals, you will find that there is nothing to do in that town and that they basically all want to leave.
ughmy Dec 17, 2012  Student General Artist
so u hate trinidad?
Dont see how anyone could love it. Sure the area has lovely scenery, but the people, oh the people. Sure there are nice ones and such, but the vast majority suck, I mean the spray paint gives you an idea. All the drug use and everything. All the cyclists that go through the town on the highway to see the pretty scenery who end up trashing the roads. Then all the thieves who steal tourists items. Best idea is to just leave that place and dont come back. At most, nice place to visit, just dont stay long. Id rather spend time up at Monument Lake.
ughmy Dec 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Honestly if you dont come 2 trinidad you would be doing all of us a favour because the last thing we need is another judgmental person like you.Any where you go it will have robberies and drug use so i don't really see your point. Sad Sad Sad
Ill say Im done talking about this town. Hate the town, dont bother me anymore about that bloody town or harass me about it. The only Trinidad I want to hear about is the country. Thats the only Trinidad Im fine with. Dont bring up the town again or harass me on it please.
Not being judgmental,and even if I am, you think you are not? I speak out of experience; its the truth. Hell the schools will show you that. 19 year old student smacks younger 14-16 year old kids in front of high school teachers and they dont do a thing about it.
Its called zero tolerance, but somehow these teachers are afraid of this kid. Then he has the nerve to strike a young 17 year old girl on camera at the local mcdonalds in public and no one did anything other then myself.
And because I stood up to this kid, somehow the whole town thinks me evil. I did the right thing, yet I became prosecuted. I even called out the teachers who saw, and admitted, that he did this in school. That this skate boarder would threaten lives, trade drugs on public ground, and that they did nothing. Absolutely nothing.
And especially now, in a time when people are afraid to send their children to school, they still do nothing to stop the abuse of a young man. Would you send your kids to a school where teachers dont care about the safety of your kids? Of course not.

Oh believe me this is true, I witnessed it, and I was the only one who did anything about it. It happened this year, Ill give you the exact date and time. Mcdonalds, February 22nd, 2012 between 7:55 PM and 8:00PM on the stool nearest the table. She is flirting with him and lightly, repeat, lightly pats him on the shoulder, then he strikes her across the face, her left side of her face. She cries, he says "Well you hit me first" and she cried like a child. Not balling out tears, building up deep inside trying not to shudder, trying not to cry. Her face was rear, cheeks stained with tears. I wasnt alone. The others sitting across from me saw it, but did not say a thing. I went up and did everything possible to give that girl justice. The owners of mcdonalds could have at least banned the man, but they didnt. How do you think the father of that poor girl would have felt to know she is being abused? Even worse, it was captured on film and the managers, store owner, and district supervisor saw the action, yet nothing was done. That girl could have sued mcdonalds.

Still dont believe me? I could go on for hours, give you names, hell go to Dairy Queen at night and see what horrendous things they are doing to your food. The night time cook, young kid with a fancy truck, sprays the buns with de-greaser just for fun. I saw him do this, and the manager, she just laughs and calls him funny as he gives it out to the customers. Sounds outrageous, but it is true, the little jerk threw ice cubes, a pen which struck my neck, and a cherry at me within sight of the manager. She laughed, I told her that is legally assault and I will press charges if she doesnt do anything. She says shell fire him; she doesnt. Still working there.
The day time crew, a woman with tattoos all over her and her sister work. She spits in the food, mainly the ice cream if you talk to her in the wrong way or get moody with her. Her sister messes with the food on purpose when she gets the chance. A poor texan caught her spitting in the ice cream, I remember, he was furious, but the manager 'fired' the tattoo girl on the spot. The man leaves, the manager leaves her duty to bring her so called 'fired' friend back. They are still working there, no action is being done.

I tried to do something, however all they care about is money, and ability to pop pills and do 'business' at night. Ive recently talked with the GM of Dairy Queen about it up north. He could not do anything. Im still talking with corp mcdonalds about what happened there. Apparently Im the only one who would do anything about it. Yet I am always the bad guy for doing whats right then hu?

So before you start assuming things, I have been to that town, I have seen these things. I know that the corruption is up to the police force and the mayor. Hell the mayor used to rob money from the church years back.

In fairness, yes there are good people in the town. Yes there are nice things in the town. I have seen that too. But to simply ignore such bad things and call or imply the town is great.

The town is full of judgmental people, neigh the whole world is. Its part of human nature. The towns youth, strive to make it a ghetto of all places, but at least some of the few descent people try to keep that from happening. I would hate to go back, we both agree that I dont belong there in a drama filled town who judges based off what they heard. I received so many rumors about me just because people dont like me, its pathetic. Best thing for anyone to do is just leave the town and find someplace better.

Every town has its crimes, cf course, but if you are simply going to be like everyone else and ignore how terrible that town has become and judge me as wrong, then you are no better then what you think or judge me to be.
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