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Behind the Curtains by FramedByNature
Behind the Curtains
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Canon 5D
Rokinon 14mm

This is one of those images that makes you do a double-take when you open it for editing. Didn't notice any funnels/tornadoes at the time while chasing this storm through South Dakota, but after applying a little clarity and contrast to the storm in post... I'm about 80% certain there's a broad funnel in there behind the rain curtains! Look for the darker strip of rain along the horizon, then look directly above that. Awfully suspicious feature in my opinion! :P Can't really count it as "seeing" a tornado, but still a cool find after the fact :) Hopefully more slow-moving photogenic storms like this to come in 2015! :la:

Want to read more? Check out the FULL story of this storm chase :camera: here :camera:

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Lessons Learnt by FramedByNature
Lessons Learnt
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Canon 5D
Rokinon 14mm

When chasing, a perfectly open view of the storm is desirable. However, sometimes the sky needs some element in the foreground to give it scale. This old abandoned schoolhouse provided just that, and made for a surreal scene in front of this supercell :nod: Not actually 100% sure if it was a small schoolhouse or some other structure, but we sure were glad when we found it! Definitely the cherry on top for this scene :nod:

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Inflow Upon Arrival by FramedByNature
Inflow Upon Arrival
Canon 5D
Rokinon 14mm

So I just finished uploading all my stuff from the May 26th chase... so how about a little day-before-the-day action, May 25th? =D Started out in northwestern Nebraska hoping for storms, but ended up blasting north to this cell coming off of the Black Hills. The hour-and-a-half drive felt like much longer than that as we feared the storm would surely die before we got there. Being greeted with this scene was a huge relief. To read all the details of the day, check out the link below! :highfive:

Want to read more? Check out the FULL story of this storm chase :camera: here :camera:

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SD Storm - Speed Edit
If you follow my Facebook page (Just search "Framed By Nature .NET"), you've already seen this. However, since deviantArt is a place for collaboration and learning, I figured it was more appropriate to share this here :) Here's a quick behind-the-scenes look at my typical editing process. All of these adjustments were applied in Adobe Camera RAW, after which I usually open the image in Photoshop and apply the finishing touches (though usually, the image is pretty much done and ready to be resized for web coming out of ACR). As you can see, a slight crop, some contrast/clarity gradient adjustments, a slight boost in color, and that's about it! Obviously some images take a little more work if they have a challenging dynamic range, but I would say that this is pretty representative of the process most of my storm images go through. Originally took about 5 or 6 minutes, and sped it up so you can watch it in about 45 seconds. I always love seeing how some of my favorite photographers process their work, because it always presents a great learning opportunity. If anyone has any questions or comments about my process, feel free to shoot them my way! I'm here to hear and help :aww:

I may start "recording" these edits more often... it's really fun to speed up the process and see how an image takes shape! :nod:
Broken Bow Bomb by FramedByNature
Broken Bow Bomb
Canon 60D
18-135mm kit lens

This is the LAST shot I'll share from this storm, I promise! (unless I re-visit these edits in a year and find something I missed =D ) This is also my favorite, for a few reasons. For one, the lighting (and lightning) was absolutely surreal after the sun set. As our eyes adjusted to the darkness, you could faintly see the updraft glowing blue in the twilight. And then BAM, your vision would be pure white with every lightning strike. Another reason I really love this shot... it's a textbook side profile of a supercell. Will likely feature this image in an upcoming book I'm working on (more on that later) in order to explain the air flow around storms :nod:

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Want to read more? Check out the FULL story of this storm chase :camera: here :camera:

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Evan Ludes
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Evan Ludes
:bulletblue: CONTACT me at :bulletblue:

Hey, my name is Evan. I've been taking photos for about 8 years and come to this community to gather inspiration and share my work. Thanks for visiting! :)

Current Residence: Omaha, Nebraska


Sun Jan 11, 2015, 8:54 PM
It starts tomorrow. And that makes me a little bummed :(
Oh well, it's my last semester. To say that I'm excited to blaze through this semester and throw myself out into the real world of getting a job/apartment/etc would be an understatement. I know it sounds a little silly, but I'm looking forward to having a more set schedule in life. There are lots of unknowns up in the air right now (Will I get my degree? Will that help me get a job? Where will I live?) and I can't wait to have them answered :nod:

That being said, it was a productive(ish) and much-needed winter break! Got a couple of chase accounts done over on the site (May 25th and 26th)… among other things. Also starting to make some plans for a trip this year. Tough to get any dates solidified since I really don't know what my work situation will be come summer, but aiming for Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and climbing a 14'er or two while we're down there :la:

So, since Colorado and the mountains have been on the mind lately... how about an all-Colorado feature? :dance:

2048-2-1024x513 by creative-shutter

Repainted Gold by luckyprofundity

Mount Sneffels by MerryMo

A Colorado Fall Along Kebler Pass by kkart

High Voltage by aFeinPhoto-com

Once Upon A Storm by ColinHSillerud

Unveiled by Nate-Zeman

End of the Gold Rush by Nate-Zeman

Awaited by RollingFishays

Colorado Splendor by afugatt

Valley of Green and Gold by iphelps

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :peace:

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